As we accumulate sponsors and friends they will be listed here.  Some of these groups will give me a few bucks for referring you to them and some are just here because I like them.  Either way I’m not putting anything on here I don’t personally use, like, or endorse.

Coinbase – If you like the idea of BitCoin but you’re a novice like me this is the easiest and most trusted site to buy BitCoin.  This is where I buy my BitCoin.  It’s been around for a while and it’s 100% legit.  You can buy online with your bank account or card, no need to meet some guy in an ally!  If you follow my link they’ll give you and me $10 of free BitCoin when you purchase your first $100.

BitGold – This is pretty neat.  BitGold (not related to BitCoin) has been around for a couple years now and is getting better and better.  Instead of buying gold from dealers and paying 10% or more over spot, you can buy it from them for around 1% over spot and they store it free.  They’ll also buy it back for within 1% of spot.  You can gift gold to people right on their site too.  They now even offer prepaid debit cards backed by your gold!  Learn more here!